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Service providers can present real cybersecurity risks to your organization, creating opportunities for breaches of your most valuable information.

Enter Venseca. Our patent-pending solution generates Digital Trust Scores and comprehensive, independently validated reports to help you understand the cyber risk profile of all of your suppliers. As one component of your TPRM or GRC program, these reports build confidence and mitigate your risk.

Supply Chain Risks

Identify Digital Supply Chain Risks

Venseca helps you identify potential cybersecurity threats before they turn into costly data breaches.

Our patent-pending solution analyzes and evaluates your digital supply chain to help you easily understand the cyber risk profile of all of your suppliers. As one component of your TPRM or GRC program, Venseca can help you mitigate risk and operate with confidence.

The Digital Trust Ecosystem

Through the creation of our Digital Trust Ecosystem, Venseca has the network, the independent assessments, and the reach to support your organization. We provide organizations with a standardized, efficient platform to evaluate inherent third-party cybersecurity risk and make informed decisions about partnering, acquiring, or doing business with other companies.

Venseca’s platform allows organizations across all industries to understand the cybersecurity risk profile for all their vendors, without the traditional burden of one-off evaluations.

Services Overview

Venseca provides an independently verified review of your policies, procedures, and security standards, which can be accessed by your clients directly through our secure portal. This process creates efficiency in Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) processes, streamlining your sales process and reducing your overhead.

Digital Trust Scores

The Digital Trust Score is a numerical value indicating the relative cyber risk profile for a given service provider. Based on a series of uniquely customized and validated questions, Venseca’s…

Vendor Risk Assessments

Organizations traditionally manage their third-party risk through a handful of platforms, internally-developed toolsets, and various, sometimes disparate data collection methodologies…

Customized Dashboard

Historically, vendors have been forced to work with each of their clients individually to address any questions or concerns about their cyber risk profile. This “many-to-many” relationship…

Cyber Liability Assessment

Working in partnership with BSI (a leading provider of digital trust remediation and legal solutions), Venseca has created the Digital Trust Ecosystem. This carefully designed…

Our Partners

Venseca has partnered with leading companies in the Digital Trust Ecosystem to provide our clients with best-of-breed solutions and services to support their cyber risk mitigation strategies. Interested in partnering with us? Drop us an email!

Recommend a Provider

Do you have mission-critical suppliers in your organization? Are you going to RFP for a new implementation in your business? Refer them to Venseca and we’ll work directly on your behalf to evaluate them for you and give you access to their assessments and Digital Trust Scores (at no cost to you).